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Important Message to our news subscribers: Please always check out the website of our news provider,, whose reseller we are, before you complain to us about any problems with news. They do announce known issues on their homepage. If your problem is not addressed by them, then please contact us.

Update March 5, 2013: After introducing bitcoin as anonymous payment option, the enxt logical step was to offer anonymous offshore hosting for Tor Hidden Services, we offer special VPS for exactly that, details can be found behind this link

Update September 29, 2010: we are pleased to announce that we have added another location to our geographically well diversed country mix: Russia is now available! Both SSH and VPN tunnels now from Russia, Moscow.

Update September 25, 2010: Our new shop is moving towards completion, you will soon be able to buy fully automatised our reward catching products and services. But we also understand that the nature of our business might require individual consultancy before deciding what service is needed. You will always be welcome to contact us and ask your questions. Twitter and facebook sites are currently added, which will be announced here when fully operatioal.

Update February 25, 2010: Our HK-server 'grizzly' died totally unexpected. The way the data center acted (or better: non-acted) on this emergency made us drop  it and set up a new server in another HK-datacenter. In case you had services subscribed to on 'grizzly' please be advise to contact us and we can issue new credentials to you. We are sorry for the inconvenience encountered.

Update February 4, 2010: Our former reseller, lead by the infamous felon Wilfried Hafner, has now been in the headlines with his faked 'security test' for cellular encryption.. like a beginner he tried to dazzle the industry, but was too stupid to hide his tracks: he used a setup 'security company' publishing the results right out his own office in Germany - IP-addresses gave it all away. ANd this from a so called security expert... ROFL. Details can be read here (in Englisch) or here (in German).

ALERT: If you have been cut off by surfsolo recently (August/September 2009), there is a reason for it: Their contract with us was cancelled due to unethical behavior at their end! If you miss the reliabilty and/or the various locations available we make you (the burnt securstar / surfsolo ex-client) a great offer: If you send us your former userID you had at securstar we will grant you 30% off, if you sign up with directly. A one year coverage will cost you only EUR 70 for 1 server, EUR 110 for 2 servers, EUR 150 for 3 servers, EUR 190 for 4 servers, etc.. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Web Changes

Ongoing 2009: In the middle of the economic meldown we have decided to revamp our website. New products and services are introduced, others are dropped. We will also introduce a new shopping cart system, which will automize ordering and  cut down on fulfilment., in its 13th year of existence is still the premier provider of privacy tools, our business is made up of 70% of engineering and providing technology to companies who want a white labeled product.

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

November 9, betrays it's clients and can read and decrypt all messages ever received and stored on their 'offshore' servers in Anguilla...ooops! in Canada. I never met a more sinister and evil company than Thousands of people have relied on the promise that their communication would be safe, but they got mislead! This event was the last drop in the bucket which made us present our latest of high security products: The High Secure Email (HSM) account on the server of your choice, even with your own domain (if you prefer so). Two things which clearly set us apart from ANY OTHER email provider

1 You can not threaten, extort or subpoena us, as our whereabouts are not known (that's a crucial point if you want to provide anonymity, both parties must be anonymous!).

2 All your precious email resides on high security offshore servers, but within an encrypted container. That means if ever a complete server gets 'taken/confiscated' by the Feds (if they raid the datacenter where the server is located we will not shoot at them :-), all they get is a root server with an encrypted storage inside. Unbreakable, though.

Its a SSL-accessed webmail account, or can be accessed as POP or IMAP. As you like it. When you leave your email on our server, it stays in an encrypted container and can not be read or otherwise copied. We even threw in a storage place for files, apart from emails. The account comes with 125 MB, but can be upgraded if necessary. Support for PGP-encryption built-in, you can check (and secure store) 3rd-party-emails, no active scripting like JAVA or JAVASCRIPT necessary. More details here, including the application instructions.

July 4, 2007: The new premium series of SSH-tunnels and VPN's has arrived! We proudly announce the first servers being online in traditionally neutral and liberal Switzerland. With immediate effect we can offer the following services on the swiss servers: SSH-tunnel, VPN, website hosting, high secure email (HSM). Premium means that only 60% of a possible load will be accepted, thus to give anyone ample resources. No oversignups, no crowded servers, first class locations only! The only drawback we have is higher prices, the simple SSH-tunnel will now cost EUR 140/year. Other pricings are not yet determined, but will come out soon. Check this space for announcements.

May 2, 2007:All good things come to an end! So happened to the preferred method of payment by mailed in cash. Through the years it worked perfectly, albeit with a huge time dealy, as all payments were travelling through chained maildrops. My various maildrops are still reliable and top notch, however, the last hop into the continent where I am usually based became greedy: customs started opening letters and stealing whole mail pouches with money in them! Total loss on my side was over EUR 10000. In most cases I honored client's statement that they had mailed cash (for renewals and intangible services), however, I could not honor people who wanted to buy e-gold or 3rd party services like external subscriptions. Sorry, that was lost. I understand any frustration about this, and it also hurt me. I do not understand some folks running amok in newsgroups now stating I stole their cash! It's simply not true! Most of my loyal and long standing customers can confirm that I very often give more than what was paid for. It's not the end of accepting cash, but it has become more expensive. I now hired a lawyer in Europe to accept mail on my behalf, forward any instructions to me (so I can fulfill the order) and clear the cash. His service is costing 15%, of which I will charge 10% to the paying client. Sorry, no other way to get a handle on the cash problem. The new regime has one big advantage: Order fulfilment will now be within 4-6 days, before it took any time from 3-5 weeks!!

October 4, 2006:With immediate effect we have introduced heavy discounts for multi year subscriptions. Many customers have asked for this, as they used throw-away emails to subscribe and the next year a reminder email was not received, resulting in unexpected and inconvenient service cuts. Now you can subscribe 2 year or 3 year subs, even a lifetime subscription for all current servers and new ones which become online later. See the details here.

September 14, 2006:Today we have added new download files for clients and otherwise donators of Aaron Russo's acclaimed 'America: Freedom to Fascism' movie is available, as well as the most comprehensive Conspiracy File Collection. Go to the 'File Downloads' at your left.

September 11, 2006:Yes, it's five years since Bush & co. staged the attack on the twintowers. Thanks to this prelude, we have now all the nice patriot acts, your freedom gets ass kicked every day and the terrorist witch hunt is going on nicely. Do you feel saver today??? I doubt it. You get more spied on, and freedom tools like TOR get raided and shut down. Read the full story here.

April 1, 2006: Lot's of prospects ask for a trial account to test speeds and features. In the past I often granted such accounts. Recently, however, abuse was overwhelming, so I will not offer free trial accounts anymore. But to make the situation easier for a new prospect I now offer a 1 month subscription to all 6 boxes I have, including free access to my library. The onetime cost is only EUR 30 (1 month, 6 different tunnels). You can sign up immediately.

March 31, 2006: You all know what I think about the USA. However, I have been asked by many clients, if I couldn't offer a tunnel server in the US. There are many reasons this can be used for: Like shopping or banking in the US, if you actually are not in the US. Lot's of websites, out of their intense xenophobia bar foreign citizens to access their services. Now you can pretend to be an USan :-)

So, we have decided to offer a US-box, high security as usual, located in upstate NY. You can sign up immediately.

March 11, 2006: We have added a myriad of new titles to our download area. Mostly is explosive literature (like declassified gov-docs), Alex Jones movies, Zig Ziglar self esteem and much more. As things getting now more bandwidth critical I rely more than ever on donations. Clients get preferably access to the download section.

March 7, 2006: The and associated friends have decided to offer a unique reseller option for individuals and companies, who want to offer superior tunneling to their peers. You will be only busy with selling, no technical experience or costly sysadmins necessary. Tunnels will be sold to you at a wholesale price unheard of, you can set your pricing as you seem fit. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You should have at least 10 tunnels/year subscribed to in order to get wholesale status with low pricing.

March 6, 2006: We are happy to announce the arrival of our proprietary Graphical User Interface (GUI)TheTube-Tunneltoll for the masses 'TheTube' for windows-users (win2000 and up, including the new MS-Vista). It still uses the opensource, backdoor-free putty, but in a convenient 'disguise' to help the windows-user to run unlimited tunnels with one click! Privacy can not get any easier!

We offer 'The Tube' as freeware, but would of course be happy if you could help us with a donation to further develop the tool, and continue to provide better software.

You can download TheTube here or in our 'Member's Only' section.




January 31, 2006: We are glad to announce that our tunnels are fully compatible for the Apple Macintosh users among us. We have included setup helps in our HOWTO-file, including opensource Macintosh connectivity software with screen shots. So, Mac-users come and sign up!

November 23, 2005: Effective today we have added another tunnel server location to our portfolio. Welcome which is on a high bandwidth backbone in Germany. Applications are accepted immediately. DARK has the same features as our other boxes around the globe:

  • full TOR entry point, privoxy
  • grsec installed
  • webbased email account included with SSL-access

October 27, 2005: We have finished the migration from to Welcome GRIZZLY :-) Thank you and Goodbye BEAR! That's the new server in Hong Kong, with state-of-the-art hardware, a complete new O/S and with additional enhancements for privacy lovers:

- grsec installed

- SSL-accessible webmail

- full TOR entry point

When you login to grizzly the next time you will see new information in regard to ports and TOR.

Current clients who used bear, will be forwarded to grizzly. But to short cut it please change your putty settings to: or the direct IP-address ( You will be presented with the typical SSH warning when a key change took place, please accept the new key. The finger print of the new key has been published at out forum

For selected clients we also accept hosting for your freedom-of-speech website. Please contact us with your requirements.

October 24, 2005: I have added a few more pieces of literature to my library, generously provided as a trade-in for free access from one of my readers.

The titles added are:

  • Fail-Safe Investing
  • Privacy-Secrets
  • Crypto-Secrets
  • Smart-Money-Secrets
  • Penny

October 12, 2005: From now on all of our servers offer to Privacy-tunnel clients a free webbased email account, accessible via encrypted SSL-connection. You can also store encrypted files within the email access. If you want to take advantage of this new feature, please email us for the instructions.

October 5 2005: We now offer again a tunnel server in Holland. It's fast, it has many nice features, including SSL-accessible webbased email. It serves well if you need fast surf access within Europe and from the USA.

We also want to alert our BEAR-users that this server will be rebuilt by the end of the month, and moved to another data center. There will be an outage time of approximately 12 hours around October 31.

Our server BULL in Malaysia has been rebuilt completely, with an enhanced security setup. It also now runs a full TOR entry point to the TOR-network (the general principle is called ONION ROUTING, which is solely made to anonymize you even further). No matter which destination you choose it'll only show a random exit point IP from the Tor-network. When you login to BULL you will read the pertinent information in regard to ports and availability. We will soon prepare a new HOWTO-file for this setup. Other servers in our network will also become TOR-enabled.

The next server locations we will build are : Canada and Venezuela. ETA should be by the year's end.

October 4 2005: We have lowered our prices for anonymous news subscriptions substantially (20-30%) and introduced a new account type with UNLIMITED gigabyte download capacity, we do also accept again money orders and we started to accept '1stdigit' credits as payment. Check out the details here!

September 29 2005: Some other titles have been added to the download section, which were provided by our clients, thank you so much! You can register for access here.

September 29,2005: We have completely rebuilt our Malaysian server, An enhanced security setup and a new O/S (Debian Sarge) have been implemented.

Consequently we changed the RSA-Keys, here are the fingerprints:

  * fingerprint RSA hostkey is:  31:ca:97:f5:e7:0e:19:6d:29:79:69:86:e7:34:af:d2
* fingerprint DSA hostkey is: 80:0a:37:db:47:f3:79:a5:67:20:8b:05:e5:c5:58:ad

September 22,2005: After a long time we again have changed RSA-Keys to our servers. This measurement is necessary to keep up the good security practices, which sets us apart of the 'competition'.

Here the fingerprints you should compare to the pop-up message you will receive when connecting again to one of our servers:

Bear Fingerprints:

* fingerprint RSA hostkey is: 72:fd:0e:fd:f4:cf:ed:93:2a:ad:6c:06:4a:98:d0:36
* fingerprint DSA hostkey is: 42:ab:84:d3:b1:56:8a:44:c0:c6:4f:3e:c5:c3:9f:d1
* fingerprint RSA protocol 1: 62:84:47:10:37:a8:ef:bc:04:81:9c:75:2d:4c:6c:2e

Sam Fingerprints:

* fingerprint RSA hostkey is: 21:23:ad:89:69:13:14:b9:c2:03:c1:35:e2:95:da:df
* fingerprint DSA hostkey is: 15:38:b2:66:ed:3c:5b:a2:d5:c2:99:5f:0d:8a:7c:30
* fingerprint RSA ssh protocol 1: 94:c4:e5:44:e8:60:5d:fd:b2:a8:0b:1f:75:95:d7:39


When the hostkeys change you will get a warning message when you try to connect. Please accept after you verify them, the new fingerprints.

August 28, 2005: Today we added more interesting reading material, including the Q-Reports, more Hawala Analysis, complete description of the Nigerian Scam, and more... You need to register here.

June 21, 2005: We have reactivated our section 'Caveat emptor'

June 20, 2005: File download: It's not free anymore for everybody, just for clients of We had to take this measure as we got swamped by 'freebie hunters' who tended to download everything available (over 200 MB), that puts a lot of strain on to the server. If you are not a customer (yet), you can still get access to my library for a single spent of 1 gold gram. If you become a customer later, it will be reimbursed to you. Details will be emailed to you once you register.

June 10, 2005: Constantly added more files, thanks to contributions from our readers. The Midas Method, Lock picking and assassination theories were added today.

June 4, 2005: We finally activated our 'Member's Only-area' , where you can download interesting literature, help files, essays, underground reports as well as full e-books like 'Lodging of wayfaring men' and the Bill Hill classics PT-series. You need to register here.

February 21, 2005: With immediate effect we have added another jurisdiction to our Privacy-Tunnel-network. Clients can now chose between Hong Kong, Malaysia, Holland and the Czech Republic. You can subscribe to any amount of servers, thus achieving either chaining capabilities (highest anonymity) or changing net identities with a click (in combination with Mozilla/Firefox browsers and the SwitchProxy bar). Details can be found here

February 16, 2005: New DrWHo Privacy & Security FAQ (Version 20.6) published here:

January 31, 2005: We updated our 'Anonymous Banking' section, also do now offer offshore incorporations in selected jurisdictions.

January 31, 2005: We added our offshore hosting offer, please check it out here.

January 31, 2005: We will soon be adding a new section: Downloadable e-books of interest (Acrobat-format). The downloads will be free, but require to be a registered user. Watch this space for the announcement.

January 30, 2005: The latest technical glitch was just resolved: Surfing with our tunnel via the bull-server is finally working again! But please note, the http/https port was changed to 4192. You need to edit the PUTTY configuration, as well as your browser's configuration. Replace port 3128 with port 4192 in both applications.

January 29, 2005: It has been a long time since the content of this website has been updated. The reason for this tardiness was a move of more than 10 servers out of 1 location into a new location (and jurisdiction). What first looked as a 'cake walk' turned out to be the 'nightmare of the year'. Several server outages, mail outages, DNS-problems, you name it, we had a tough share of all those problems.

We have reason to believe that the worst is over. A few minor issues do still exist, but we will iron them out, one after the other.

From today on this site will again be an up-to-date place for the privacy seeking aficionado. Please continue your patronage. Thank you.

January 28, 2005: we just added the latest DrWho FAQ (version 20.5) for your perusal. It's here:

August 21/September 6: we have published the latest Dr Who FAQ on privacy and encryption, a little late, as it was released already in August, but we were enjoying our summer vacation:-) The FAQ is here:

July 6, 2004: We finally got our website redesigned! We hope you like the new design.

March 10, 2004: On multiple request we have added additional packages for our news service, now up to 360GB/year and better prices!

February 16, 2004: We created a privacy oriented forum! Please contribute, discuss or otherwise educate our readers, of course you also may ask questions! Privacy services providers can also post their offers (we reserve the right to screen/refuse) Access here

February 10, 2004: We have added 2 new services, you can now cash your small affiliate checks with us, and get e-gold credits for it; further on we now provide anonymous and private subscriptions to newsgroups.

January 23, 2004: the latest Security and Encryption FAQ Revision 17.8,
by Doctor Who, has been added here

December 10, 2003: we changed the keys to our servers (tunnel clients will have a warning when they want to connect their tunnel, that's ok!)


galaxy: 4a:83:43:c1:e0:84:01:0e:b5:5d:01:d2:93:06:d8:c9
bear: 60:2f:7b:76:d4:bf:49:a4:46:d1:37:27:45:bd:91:98

May 2003: We have merged with Financial Privacy Consultants ( and soon will run a combined website, giving the latest scoop on solutions how to achieve privacy in a fascist controlled world. Emphasis will be on financial privacy and how to survive the coming US-$ collapse. Stay tuned!

June 2003: preparing our latest privacy tool to the market needs, the 'Privacy-Tunnel'

July 2003: added a new section 'CAVEAT EMPTOR', containing warnings against dubious offshore and privacy service peddlers.

August 2003: ALERT!! One of the free anonymizing proxy tools, the 'JAP' has been backdoored to help the authorities. Read more here:

We guarantee, that our 'Privacy-Tunnel' is and never was backdoored. We change public keys every 30 days, that gives you real peace of mind!

September 2003: Anonymizer, Inc. is now officially in bed with the government! Read the story:

December 1, 2001: added sections like drivecrypt and digital currencies

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Powered by honor, fidelity and the Black Sun

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We support TOR!

What we don't know we can't talk about!

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  1. If you are still undecided to use our services please be advised to read the following REAL testimonials which have been submitted to us unsolicited. They may give you an idea what to expect from us.

    We would be very thankful if you could send us your opinion, please go to our 'Contact us'-sheet...

    read more >>>

    I was looking all over the place to find a non-US-based privacy provider, glad I found you! Even on the weekend I received timely help when I needed it. Keep up the good work.


    read more >>>

    I've been using the services these past two weeks… It is great! I didn't have problems so far. In the other hand, I would like to ask you a couple of questions. ...[skipped]...... I cannot emphasize my gratitude for all the help that was always given. I hope everything is ok. From a happy customer,


    read more >>>

    July 2004: Hi, got your info this morning and successfully setup Putty connected to Newsgroups (I use Newsrover but no problems) & Web OK. I am sending this e-mail to confirm I have got e-mail setup correct, so a short reply would be helpful.

    Thanks for the great service.


    read more >>>

    August 2004: I had used the anonymous services of another anonymizer company before finding you. Compared to you, they offered no support, and their claims of no logs are something most in newsgroups don\'t believe (me too). You offer great support and prompt assistance with everything, including info about anything & everything to do with privacy! Keep up the good work!


    read more >>>

    August 2004: Thanks to Dr WHo's FAQ I found my way to your service and web site. Outstanding offers, good understanding of the privacy subject, your site and service will keep me as satisfied client for years to come!

    read more >>>

    November 2004: I just switched to you guys, after having had nightmare times with Their service never worked, no tech support, no help. And on top I only found out after I signed up, that their tunnel server was in Germany, far from being offshore! I am glad I switched! You may use this as a reference on your web side.


    read more >>>

    November 2004: After using another anonymizer service, it was great to find an offshore alternative like yours. Your customer support and products have been great, thanks for all the help.


    read more >>>

    January 2005: Thank you for your time you took to advise about ways to achieve a private offshore banking solution. I am very happy with your advise and hope you will continue your important work.

    Amadeus, Vienna-Austria

    read more >>>

    June 2005: Your download section is really INCREDIBLE! It has been worth the waitin' a MILLION times! :)

    Nemo Outis

    read more >>>

    September 2005:

    Hi, I just signed up for your anon news service, great speed, and signing up was a breeze, keep up the great job.

    morestuff, Hong Kong

    read more >>>

    September 2005: It's good to know that you don't log any activity. Other services do, and will surrender them on request. That's a complete down turn for a privacy service. Keep it up.

    John Smith, alt.privacy

    read more >>>

    A testimonial in regard to my download section for traders and clients of, which describes pretty much what it is all about:

    September 2005:I did just take a short overviev about some of the material you allowed me to download from your site (it will take a some week work to read it all :-) ). Some of the books I have in hard copy format, bought at Loompanics or at Eden Press. Until now I have just looked at the material in PDF-format.

    Now I understand better what you ment by asking me to give you of interesting material. A lot of things - almost everything - I found on your download-site look exactly like I would have collected them by myself. (E.g., "final theory" or "fuel cell" is something of my favourite topics, but very few people are grasping the deep meaning of such information.)

    And, I found that indeed I have some material which probably could be interesting for you. I will try to find out some things I have collected and which are in english language, and then I can mail it to you.

    Should I mail it to this eMail address I am writing you right now?

    I am sure that with the help of some of your collected information you allowed me to download I can do one or two (maybe more :-) ) steps further in my setup.

    And, I am quite sure, somedays I will arrive at the point (or almost) you are right now.

    Very helpful for one of my momentarily needs could be the report "buboba.pdf", "moneymovers" and maybe "financial privacy.pdf" and "sb.pdf", although some of the hints in "buboba" do not work today (as I already wrote you in a previous eMail).

    The report of the "anonymous secure data haven" can be a good help for me to make progress at my work in the www.

    Very interesting is "gjetnes", "travel ghost", "ud", "the global executive", all the "Trident-Books" and the "Hill-Books". I have already read about the Hawala-System, but I have never seen a such complete and well described information like in the report "The hawala alternative ...".

    You have really great and helpful material on your download site, which is worth by my opinion several thousands of Dollars. As I have already mentioned, I am looking for such material for about two years, but you have stuff which is really new for me.

    Thank you again for letting me download this great information.

    read more >>>

    October 2005: I have to complement you on an excellent service, aside from having no logs, your service let's both the computers we have in our house connect at the same time! Great service, keep it up! A satisfied customer (anon)

    read more >>>

    October 2005: Your caveat emptor section is really great, the hard part for you looks like it might be dealing with all the trash these scammers might try to spread about you, keep up the good job! Mick

    read more >>>

    October 2005: After having tried, and I can clearly say your service is superior over all the others out there: no downtime, decent speed and prompt reply to my help requests. I am not a computer wizard, but you got me up and running easily. Thank you for going the extra mile to my satisfaction. I will for sure recommend you to my other peers. Looking forward to trying TOR....

    Alison Butterfield

    read more >>>

    November 1, 2005: Hi, I thought with all the fuss of getting set up with the new server (grizzly), it might please you to know that your efforts are all appreciated and I thank you for your excellent service and support. Hey, I guess everyone gets complaints from people, but you do a great job for your subscribers! Wishing you well, user15

    read more >>>

    November 1, 2005: Awesome! I just test drove your new Hong Kong server GRIZZLY (btw, a nice upgrade for the name BEAR!), used the TOR entrypoint and the webmail. I hope you will soon implement the SSL-cert for the webmail.

    Regarding your library which I donwloaded: AAA content. You should do another website just selling access to this library :-), now that I have my copies:-)), amadeus fidelio

    read more >>>

    January 8, 2006: Many thanks. I am very impressed with your help so far. Having experienced many news providers where they never answer emails,
    just take your money, it is so nice to find someone so helpful....

    read more >>>

    January 10,2006: I am really impressed that you activated me already, while my payment is still in transit to you. That's not offered a lot these days. I will recommend you to all of my friends.

    read more >>>

     April 6, 2006: I compliment you on the excellent and reliable services of yourself and your colleagues, which I have now used under a number of "nombre de plumes" over the last year. You will certainly be receiving more business from me in the future.

    Regards, Tam

    read more >>>

    April 22, 2006: After seeing how easy it is to use TOR through your privacy tunnels with it all being set up automatically, ready to use, with not even any software to download, or not use at all and just use the anonymous tunnel if I want, there's no doubt you've built what's probably the most superior privacy service on the internet today, glad I signed up, congradulations. Darth.

    read more >>>

    April 24, 2006: Hello Adminus. Absolutely fantastic! Evereything works as I thought it would and the instruction sheet is really helpful and comprehensive. Wished I went with you years ago. Thanks for all your help. [former cotse-client :-)]

    read more >>>

    April 26, 2006: 'TheTube' is a nifty little application, which allows to run indefinite SSH-tunnels with one click! Privacy couldn't be easier. Job well done. Keep up the good work. I have donated 20 bucks for you guys, as a sign of appreciation. MOLE

    read more >>>

    January 23, 2008: You may or may not realize it, but you probably have the most secure and viable web based mail system on the internet today. I don't think anyone else is offering this in the same way or standard that you are.....

    Congrats on a good product and offering! [received from a satisfied user of our latest High Security eMail (HSM), after the security bubble of some well known providers like hushmail, or imploded]

    read more >>>

    January 30, 2008: A great THANK YOU! to you Adminus, and the rest of the team. After my deep disappointment with hushmail I now think it was maybe a sign from higher places. I found your absolute incredible and secure HSM (high Security Mail) and love it already after only a few weeks using it. I will send all my buddies to you.

    read more >>>

    January 17, 2010:

    I cannot say enough about how happy I am with the service offered by  I have been a customer for several years now.  I chose them because they had everything I needed (and more) in one place, and I didn't have to be a technical genius to set it up.  I needed something that would give me privacy without really having to understand the intricacies of tunnels, proxies, encryption, etc., and this is exactly what they gave me.  They have been generous above and beyond.  They were even willing to set me up even before they received payment.  They spent a ton of time helping me get my system set up correctly - very promptly returning emails, and answering all my questions.  They even set up a virtual system to mimic mine when I couldn't get it set up correctly.  All in all they have delivered exactly that I needed, and I highly recommend them.

    user512, subscriber to a ssh tunnel combined wit a censorship free news subscription

    March 20, 2010: I just tried your latest addon service, the HSM (=email service with built in PGP-encryption). What can I say, it exactly offered what I expected and what I have become used to over the years using services from All those big services like yahoo, hotmail and soc alled private services like hushmail, safe-mail are only spying on their clients - not longer the case with me!

    gonzo, subscriber to HSM (High Security Mail)

    December 4, 2010: “I’ve been with for nearly two years now.  In that time has provided a solution for every privacy-related need I had over that time.  Further, the support was always quick and effective.  I highly recommend it for all privacy related needs both online and off”. 

    James, unsolicited testimonial, tunnel and domain user

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