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This is to advise you that we are currently working on a new website, in the meantime please check out our other website Offshorehosting which privacy_buttonexplains our main product, censorship free offshorehosting and domain management incl reclaiming for controversial domains (pharma, steroids, casino, etc.).


If you want to buy or transfer,  manage or administer your domains you should follow this link: Privacydomains


Contact remains the same as before, all known email addys work, also PGP/GPG keys. Besides you can use the contact sheet on this website.

The transformation will be short and you should soon see our new web presentation with new and enhanced services and products.

It becomes more difficult every day to find and claim your privacy – we are here to help and foster this.



Most deplorable people…

Our mission:

Protecting the (electronic) privacy and give guidance to enhance your personal privacy while you are online. With careful structuring even anonymity can be achieved. Further emphasis lies on protecting your financial privacy, online and offline. The utmost goal is to help you to become totally anonymous – totally disconnected to any profile. The ultimate goal is to show you the way on how to become a PT (Past Taxpayer, Permanent Tourist, Perpetual Traveler, etc.)

Services and products offered to help you in achieving this goal:

  1. Privacy enhanced and Anonymous Offshore Hosting in various countries taking advantage of geo arbitrage
  2. Tor Hidden Service (THS)[now called onion-services] for enhanced security (sorry, no child abuse/porn or terror stuff accepted!)
  3. Anonymous Domain Registrations in selected places to keep your valuable domains safe
  4. Virtual Private Network (VPN) and SSH Privacy-Tunnels to keep your traffic and communication as in email, chat, skype, whatsapp free from eavesdropping
  5. HSM High Security Email with built in encryption to protect your email communication from adversaries
  6. Bitcoin exchange (and other altcoins like zcash, monero, dash, ethereum, etc.) for anonymity. Hint: you can deal with me over bisq w/o risk and totally anonymously.